Optimal Features On The Best Plastic Pipe Hangers: What To Look For

Plastic pipe hangers help you suspend pipes from ceilings and walls. In an industrial space, this is key for maximizing the space you have available to you for factory pipes and equipment. If you need to send any more pipes up a wall or overhead, you need to examine the optimal features on the best plastic pipe hangers in the market.  They Are Made of Thermoplastic Thermoplastic is a type of plastic that is completely resistant to heat. [Read More]

2 Things To Check Before Replacing Your Industrial Air Compressor That Has Decreased Pressure

You worksite may depend on an industrial-sized air compressor for its day-to-day operations, such as running the machines or power hand tools. However, you may have noticed lately that the compressor does not have enough pressure to do its job, making you consider replacing it with a new one. However, before you replace the compressor, check for the following to see if there is a minor cause of the dropped pressure that has a simpler solution. [Read More]

Do You Have The Right Hydrant Adapter?

Fire hydrants provide the water firefighters need to put out large blazes. These hydrants are connected to a series of hoses found on a fire truck, but not all trucks are equipped with the same types of hoses. A fire hydrant adapter ensures that fire crews will be able to successfully join their hose to a nearby hydrant when necessary. The type of adapter that should be used is the adapter that is best suited for the job at hand. [Read More]

3 Reasons It's Worth It To Have A Backup Wrench On Hand

Even though you might have a lot of different tools in your toolbox, one tool that you might not have is a backup wrench. Even though you don't necessarily have to have a backup wrench for many jobs, having one can be very handy. These are some of the reasons why it's worth it to buy a backup wrench to add to your toolbox. 1. It Eliminates the Need for Another Person's Help [Read More]